A Night in Paris

Setting the scene for a Night in Paris party will bring out the true girly girl in you. Pink and black (and more pink), crystal chandeliers, vintage serving dishes, misty scenes of the Eiffel Tower, twinkle lights…sigh. When guests start breaking into spontaneous poetry recitations and mad declarations of love, you’ll know you’ve done your job.

Steal these ideas

Paris Scene

You can create a charming “view of Paris” by framing a large photo of French scenery with a simple white frame or go shabby-chic with an actual vintage window pane (available at 2nd hand stores or your local salvage center).

Pink Accents

Start with a basic color palette of black and white, then add fun pink accents in varying shades from sweet cotton candy to hot raspberry. Layer pink balloons, table cloths, napkins, streamers, cake plates, champagne…you get the idea. If you’re feeling crafty you can even fashion a sweet pink table skirt for the dessert table using tulle, chiffon, or ruffles (or make it easy and find one to rent). If you have the budget for up-lighting, add pink gels for a warm pink glow.

Eiffel Towers

This is a must have image and really, you can get away with Eiffel towers pretty much everywhere so don’t be shy. Consider sculptures or standees for the buffet and for centerpieces, smaller towers for place card holders or favors, and, if you are going all out, a giant tower for a focal point or photo booth backdrop.

Cafe Lighting

Traditional cafe lighting has larger round bulbs, but for an evening party you can also get away with small twinkle lights. Hang them across the room and/or outdoor areas of the party to achieve the magical “sitting at a French cafe with a glass of wine and my sweetheart” feeling.

Paris Flea Market Style

A few vintage items can add a lot of Paris style on a small budget. Look for old suitcases, bird cages, candle holders, chandeliers, and cake stands to bring old world charm to your decor. Many items can be found at your local thrift store or rented for a reasonable price from a party rental company.


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