A Night in Paris


Set the scene for an idyllic evening on the Champs-Elysees. The moon is full, the air is filled with the smell of freshly baked desserts and artfully brewed espressos, music and laughter wafts gently from inside the cafés, everyone is happy (because they are in Paris, obviously). Here are a few ideas for creating your own Parisian street scene.

1. Hire an accordionist to play French café music.

An accordionist strolling through the party will add a tres authentique sound. You may want to provide him with a beret and a mustache if he doesn’t have one.


2. Set up a painting easel

Provide a standing easel, blank canvas, paints, brushes, and lots of wine. Guests will love collaborating on a memorable (and likely museum-worthy) art piece that can be sent home with a guest of honor or displayed proudly in your company lobby.


3. Put on a can-can dance show

Add a little bit of old-fashioned sexy fun by bringing in costumed can-can dancers to put on a show, then mingle with guests and pose for photos. Back in the day, when a glimpse of a ladies ankle was scandalous, these dancers were considered tres racy!


4. Have an artist draw quick sketches or caricatures of guests.

For a true museum touch, create a gallery of gilt frames to display each piece. At the end of the night, send them home with guests as a unique souvenir.


5. Offer Wine-tasting

France is a wine-loving, wine-snobby country so no better way to put your guests in the mood than with some expensive French wines. Or some cheap French wines, depending on your crowd and your budget. The important thing is that guests can make comments like “bawdy, with hints of cigar and bacon” in a bad French accent.


6. Finish with an interactive espresso bar

You’ll need to hire a true barista (most people can’t operate an espresso machine, even if they own one) and rent a nice espresso cart. Allow guests to customize with gourmet toppings, syrups and liquors, as desired.