About Us

If you love parties, like we do, let Sparkler be your one stop shop for inspiration, planning, and DIY. We believe life is too short for dull parties so we’ve pulled together all the resources you need to light yours up with a great theme, decorations, fashion, music, favors, and of course a signature cocktail. Whether you are planning a fun private party or an elegant soiree, we’ve got all the tools you need to shine.

Our Story

Angie and I met while planning a fundraising dinner for our children’s school. This small volunteer project turned into a near-full time job, and labor of love, as we worked together to create a memorable, and successful, event for the school. What we learned from this process was that even though we both had experience planning parties, privately and professionally, it was very hard to find the resources we needed for our “Enchanted Garden” themed event. It felt like we were needlessly reinventing the wheel and we thought how great it would be if there was a single spot to find everything we needed in one place.


Jennifer Silver-Herman – Co-Founder

I have many years of experience in event planning, graphic design, and photography, as well as a life-long passion for theme parties. Starting with my first costume party, through swing-dance parties, tiki parties, 60s parties, and more, I’ve spent countless hours dreaming up ideas for throwing the ultimate party. I’m happy to have the opportunity to share my passion and ideas with this wonderful community of party planners.

Angie Pennington – Co-Founder

I have long been known as the go-to person for party planning. From birthday parties with a twist to assisting with larger upscale events, I learned early on that I had a flare for going above and beyond with ideas and planning. My career journey included office management, marketing, tradeshow manager and event logistics. All of which were very rewarding but not exactly my dream careers. Now, with the help of a great business partner, destiny has brought me back to my true love: parties!

Kristi Boudreault – Senior Contributor

I’m a busy mom to three beautiful children with a wonderful husband and a cute old puggle named Gidget. You could say creating and crafting runs through my veins. Growing up my parents were involved in creating handmade items for boutiques. As a kid, I was crafting right alongside them with my handmade ornaments and candy choo choo trains. I have always loved themes and planning parties so when my son’s school auction committee needed help, I was happy to jump right in. I enjoy the challenge of creating something beautiful on a budget and am excited to share all my latest DIY projects.