Arabian Nights

Find decor for your Arabian Nights Party

Arabian royalty can’t be expected to live in a world of plastic chairs and linoleum floors. You’ll want to create the feel of rich, opulent surroundings and far off, exotic lands.

Set the Scene


Renting one or more large Bedouin-style tents will create an amazing scene if your party is outdoors or in a large hall. Indoors, you can create a similar effect by draping the walls or ceiling with lightweight or gauzy fabric.

Lounge seating

Traditional eating areas feature low tables with cushions or soft stools on oriental carpets. A lounge area can be created with low couches or daybeds draped in richly patterned fabric and more pillows. You really can’t have too many pillows. Or rugs. Or drapes.

Jewel Tones

Think rich reds, oranges, plums, and gold colors. Traditional tables can be covered with rich, jewel-tone tablecloths, napkins, and gauzy overlays. Room decor such as candle holders, vases and hanging lanterns all look great using a bold mix of vibrant colors.

Warm lighting

Finish it all off with decorative candle holders, glowing lanterns, hanging star lights, and at least one golden genie’s lantern.


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