Arabian Nights



Arabian music (often called Persian music) is so exotic and atmospheric, you might even say trippy, that it will instantly transport your guests to far off lands where sultans lounge on velvet pillows, harem girls are fanned with palm leaves and belly dancers perform suggestive dances. You’ll find classic collections such as “1001 Arabian Nights” (pictured here) or mix it up with a few modern Persian pop songs.

Spotify users can listen to our “Arabian Nights” mix now (membership is free) or send this list to your DJ to include on their set list.

Song List

Ali Baba – Dr. Cat, DJ Pony, !Dela Dap
Baba to Ki Hasti – Barabox, Gamno
Baladi Thriller (feat. Mustafa Hamido) – Dr. Samy Farag, Mustafa Hamido
Balkan City–King Chronic vs Barrio Populaire – King Chronic, Barrio Populaire
Chard Djafar – Oriental Mood
Desert Rose – Sting
Desert Scene – Argon Riffer, Arnoud Gauthier
Fiesta del Califa (Caliph Party) – DJ Donovan
Habibi Ya Nour – Ortal Malka
Haboob – The Spy from Cairo
Jimaal Am Tourkos (Dancing Camels) – Bernhard Adiberger
Khetwat Habibi – Oriental Mood
Marseilles Noir – The Spy from Cairo
Ouarzazate – Argon Riffer, Arnaud Gauthier
Tallet – Ihab Tawfik
Tegheeb Tegheeb – Ahmed Galal
Ya Helewa – Faress
Ya Teira Tiri (Fly, o Bird) – Zein Al-Jundi