Adult Halloween party Games

Best Ever Halloween Party Games for Adults

Ever been to a Halloween party where the guests were all dressed up with nothing to do? Even if the decorations are amazing, the cocktails are floating on dry ice, and actual vampires are wandering around, things can get a little boring. Don’t let this happen to you! We’ve pulled together our favorite Halloween party games to liven things up and make sure your party is the one everyone is talking about. Plus we’ve created exclusive free Halloween party game downloadables, just for you.


Selfie Scavenger Hunt

This party game is a great way to get people moving, interacting, and posting fun pictures of your party on social media. Directions: Split guests up into teams of 2 or more. Give each team a list of items they need to 1) find and 2) take a photo with. You can decide if you want to limit guests to your home or turn them loose in your neighborhood. You can also choose how you want to review the photos: guests can show everyone their photos on their phone, send them to you for display on a larger device, or post them on Instagram with a unique hashtag for your party. Winner is first team back with all items photographed (or whoever finds the most items). Download our free Photo Scavenger Hunt Party Game here to get started.


Costume Hunt

This is a great Halloween party game to help/force guests get to know each other and admire each other’s awesome costumes. Directions: As guests arrive, hand them a sheet with descriptions of common costumes such as “Deadly with a sword” (ninja, warrior, or pirate), or “The force is strong in this one.” (Star Wars character). Guests must find someone wearing a costume that fits the description and write that person’s name next to it. You can create a list specifically tailored to your crowd (ComicCon fans? Zombie Lovers?) or use our free downloadable Costume Hunt Party Game (adult version and kids version available). The clues are just vague enough that there is room for negotiation on the answers. Since people will likely get distracted talking and explaining how they achieved their “Undead Barbie” look, this works best done over the course of the night with a prize for everyone who completes their board.


Photo Contest with Mr. Bones

This party game will let guests show off their creative flair, and makes a great slide show for the end of the party. Directions: Buy a life-sized plastic skeleton and arrange him casually on the couch before the party starts. Print our free downloadable Mr. Bones Photo Contest Sign with directions. Arrange a collection of accessories (hats, boas, masks, cape) and printed directions nearby. Guests will compete to take the most creative/scary/funny photo of Mr. Bones. They can be in the photo or not, use props or not. Photos will get more creative and silly as the night goes on. Award a prize for the best photo in each category.

scary movie trivia party game

Scary Movie Trivia

Are you someone who never misses a good horror movie? Knows all the rules (Never say “I’ll be right back,” never agree to wait in the car alone, never, ever go down to the basement)? This is the game for you. Directions: Download our free Scary Movie Trivia Contest. Print out enough for each guest or team to have one. Print out a copy of the Scary Movie Trivia Answer Sheet for yourself. Offer a prize to the Scary Movie Champion(s). Make it something appropriately gruesome like a plastic severed hand or bloody knife dipped in gold paint (to make it classy).

Get ready to party like it’s 1899. In a graveyard. At night. But with awesome cocktails and killer music!

Make sure you take lots of photos of your party for our Party Gallery.


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