Bulldog decorated in St. Patricks Decor

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Style

Think of this as a St. Patrick’s Day bucket list. Each year as March 17th rolls around we have grand visions of how we’ll be celebrating the holiday (in a pub, rocking a green mini, hanging with Bono), but usually end up at home, eating take-out, watching Netflix. This year, let’s all commit to really embracing the holiday spirit with these classic activities. You’re pretty much guaranteed a good time.

 irish-t-shirt1. Wear a “Kiss Me I’m Irish” t-shirt

No need to actually be Irish to wear this. But if you feel compelled to wear a shirt with “facts” there are many fun versions such as “A Wee Bit Irish” and “I’m Irish, or drunk, or whatever.” Amazon has lots to choose from, or swing by your local party store.

 2. Drink Irish whiskey

Straight up, pub style or, if you’re not that hard core, in a yummy St. Paddy’s Day cocktail. Irish Eyes is a nice creamy, minty drink made with Irish whiskey.

Directions: pour 1 ounce Irish whiskey, 1/4 ounce green crème de menthe, 2 ounce cream into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Shake well, strain into an old-fashioned glass and garnish with a Maraschino cherry.

single-green-beer3. Make your own green beer

This is actually simple and can be done at home. Just put one drop of green food coloring in a 12 oz beer glass and add your favorite light colored beer. The beer color is critical for the green to really show. Unfortunately most Irish beers are dark stouts that don’t work well for this so you’ll have to choose between authentic Irish beer flavor or fun green beer color.

 4. Eat corned beef and cabbage

Eating at an Irish pub is great, but not necessary. Most restaurants will feature this classic recipe on St. Patrick’s Day. If you’d rather try your hand at a home-cooked meal, you can find a tasty recipe at allrecipes.com or try this meatless version at vegnews.com.


5. Hunt for gold

Even without a rainbow, you and your friends can spend an entertaining evening searching for your own gold treasure. First you’ll need some gold coins (available at Amazon or your local party store). If you are celebrating at home, hide the coins around your house and yard for friends to find. If you are celebrating at a pub, arrive early and hide coins around the bar. To make it more exciting, give a few coins to other people at the pub to “hide” in their pocket. Your friends will thank you, or hate you, but are sure to have fun.

6. Cause mischief

According to the legends, leprechauns delighted in creating mischief for humans, including tripping, kicking, and generally causing pain. Wearing green supposedly makes you invisible to leprechauns (who knows why). Keep the fun going by creating a little mischief of your own (without actually hurting anyone, hopefully). Classics include turning liquids green (your water, your juice, in the hot tub), turning over furniture, and hiding things. Great for home or office!

get-lucky-costume7. Kiss a Leprechaun

Actual leprechauns are hard to come by, so create your own with a stylish green top hat for that special someone you’d like to kiss. Or go all out with a Get Lucky Leprechaun Costume (a surprisingly hot look for the guys, but also available for women).

We’re aiming high this year! Let us know how many activities you are able to check off this Tuesday, and be sure to take lots of photos for our party gallery.


Have you found our lucky leprechaun yet? He may be getting tipsy (hint) waiting for you. See the full details here.