Studio 54 vase DIY finished with flowers

DIY Disco Ball Vase

A disco ball vase? How groovy is that! You can’t have a Studio 54 Disco Party without a disco ball, so why not bring the fun to the table! This easy DIY may be a little time consuming but once you see it, it’s sure to make you want to hustle on over and get started.


A complete supplies list and buying guide is available below.

Step One

studio 54 disco vase DIY glueing tiles

I started with turning my vase upside down. I decided to work from the bottom up and by flipping it over it was much easier to handle. With your adhesive bottle in hand apply a thin coat to the vase where you will be adding a tile. Take a glass tile and press and hold for a few seconds onto the glue surface. I learned quickly that less is more. If you have too much glue it will just slide around and take forever to set.

studio 54 vase DIY tiles glued on vase

I repeated this process, leaving a little space in between the tiles, until I reached about halfway up the vase. I then flipped the vase back over and continued on. Once I got into the groove of things it actually went quicker than I expected.

studio 54 vase DIY cleaning tiles

Let cure for 5 to 6 hours. Then, take a damp sponge and wipe off any remaining glue residue. Be sure to follow the directions on the bottle and use this product in a well-ventilated area.


Step Two

studio 54 vase DIY grouting supplies

Following the direction on the mosaics grout container. Mix the grout until you get a thick, smooth consistency.

studio 54 vase DIY adding grout

Then, wearing a disposable glove scoop some grout onto your fingers and spread it over the tiled vase, making sure to fill in all the cracks.

Studio 54 vase DIY brushing dry grout

After letting it sit for about 20 minutes I took a scrub brush and went back over the tiles. I found it was OK to leave some residue on the mirror tiles. It will still wipe off after it sets.

studio 54 vase DIY completed

I let it dry overnight, then took a scrub brush and cleaned up the surface area. I also wiped with a damp sponge until the mirror tiles were clean and shiny.


Step Three

Studio 54 vase DIY finished with flowers

We are ready to put it all together! Fill your disco ball vase with some funky bright flowers. Add a splash of color and sparkle with a fun sequin runner. I set mine on a black tablecloth for maximum contrast.

You are sure to feel like a dancing queen as this disco ball vase, filled with neon bright flowers, sparkles and glitters in the room. Whether you’re ready to boogie the night away or lounge with friends. You and your guests will feel like hot stuff without even having to leave the table.


Supplies List

6” Round Glass Vase

3/8″ Mirror Mosaic Tiles (if these are out of stock, try this set)

Mosaic Tile Adhesive

Mosaic Grout


Disposable gloves

Scrub brush

tub for mixing grout

Flowers (we used real daisies, but you can find similar artificial daisies)


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