Modern fiesta DIY centerpiece

DIY Modern Fiesta Centerpiece

This is a stylish centerpiece that works great for a Modern Fiesta party, or just add it to the beauty of your own backyard. It has the feel of old southwest with a fun twist. It’s sure to be a great conversation starter, and will get your party off to a fantastic start!


These are the materials I used. See the complete supplies list at the end of this article.

Step 1: Painted Box


Depending on the planter box you use it may be helpful to prep the box by spraying it with a primer. (The planter box I used came with a color that I liked, so I skipped this first step.) The color of your planter will be the separating lines in your design, so make sure it is the color you want it to be. After the primer has dried, use your painters tape to tape off the design of your choice.


Then, paint alternating sections in different colors of paint. I was able to paint all sections and then go back and give them a second coat. Let it completely dry before removing the painter’s tape.


I took a little sandpaper to rough it up a bit. This complemented the rustic southwest look I was going for.

Step 2: Glitter Limes

You can use a real or fake lime, depending on how long you want it to last. I used a real lime. Take your painter’s tape and tape around the middle of the lime. Then, dab on some white glue on one half. Use the foam brush to spread the glue and evenly coat the surface.


Then dip the wet glue side in the gold glitter and let dry.

Step 3: Painted Donkeys


Glam up your donkeys! I first sprayed one donkey with white primer and let it dry. I then painted it with the same fuchsia pink paint I used on my planter box. For the gold donkey I just sprayed it and let it dry. Super easy, gotta love that!


Use some hot glue to attach the lime to the donkeys back. You’ve got yourself a pair of donkeys who are ready to party!

Step Four: Assembly


Time to bring it all together. I placed a plastic tray in the bottom of my planter to protect the wood and prevent leaks, and then filled it with a layer of potting soil and a layer of sand. Scatter the rocks and pebbles on top of the sand. Arrange succulents into the planter. Add a few candles, your fancy donkeys and you’re done!


The end result is a unique southwestern style centerpiece that is perfect for a modern day fiesta. You know it’s going to be a great party when a few glam donkeys caring a gold, glitter lime are invited!


After the party, simply remove the donkeys, for an elegant planter you can use all year.

My “Pinspiration”

Southwest painted planter box: 100 Layer Cake

Painted donkeys and limes: Hostess with the Mostess

Supplies List

Planter box

Plastic liner

Potting soil


Acrylic Paint

Primer paint

Gold spray paint


Painter’s tape

Foam brushes

Decorative rocks/pebbles

Plastic donkeys

Lime (real or fake)

Gold glitter

Succulents (real or artificial)


Glue gun and glue sticks