DIY Tiki Island Centerpiece

Summer is here! Although I may not be jet setting off to a tropical island this summer (my summer consists of taking my three kids to the park and pretending the sand box is a beach) I’m dreaming of kicking back with a cool drink in hand and warm ocean breezes on my face. Whether you are planning a Hawaiian Luau, a Tiki Party, or  just want to bring a little island paradise to your home, this fun tiki décor is just the thing.

Supplies for Tropical Bouquet



Tropical leaves (real or artificial)

Tropical flowers and grass (real or artificial)

Twine or raffia

Bamboo reeds

Supplies for Tiki Totems


Corrugated cardboard

Red cellophane wrapping paper

Various size vases or cans



X-acto knife


glue gun and glue sticks

optional: tea light candles

Directions: Tropical Arrangement


Step 1

Depending on the size of your leaves, you may need a few to cover the surface of your vase (I used two 6” leaves). Place one on the backside of the vase using just a dab of hot glue to hold it in place. Doubled sided tape would work as well. Then, take your second leaf and place on the front side, overlapping any portions of the other leaf. Secure by wrapping twine or raffia around the middle and tying. You may also want to use hot glue or tape to hold down any portion of the leaves that is sticking out.


Step 2

Arrange the tropical flowers, grasses and bamboo reeds in your vase.

Directions:Tiki Totem

Step 1

Using your vase or can as a guide, cut the corrugated cardboard to the height that you want. The cardboard should overlap one inch when wrapped around your base. Make sure to cut the corrugated cardboard so the ridges are in the vertical direction. If cut horizontally, the cardboard tends to break easily. I found this out the hard way, of course.


Step 2

Lay the cardboard ridge side down, take your pencil and draw the eyes and mouth, making sure it is centered. Take your x-acto knife and cut out the pieces.


Step 3

Give him fire! Cut a piece of red cellophane that will cover the eyes and mouth area. Tape on both sides to hold in place.


Step 4

Turn your cardboard over and have fun decorating your totem! Cut shapes like triangles, circles and squares to create the type of totem you want using hot glue to secure in place. Apply hot glue along the entire one inch over lap, wrap around vase and press onto the cardboard to secure.

Note: If using your tiki totems at night, add a tea light candle to your clear glass vase. It will shine through the red cellophane, bringing your totem to life!

If you’re feeling inspired, take a look at our new party theme: Tiki Island. Or, create your own little paradise at home. Whatever you choose, with this Tiki decor you’re sure to feel the warm, tropical, summer breeze.

Buying Guide

Glass vase

Tropical leaves (artificial)

Tropical flowers and grass (artificial)

Twin or raffia

Bamboo reeds

Corrugated cardboard

Red cellophane wrapping paper

Various size vases

X-acto knife

glue gun and glue sticks

optional: tea light candles

My “Pinspiration”

Tropical bouquet: theswankeeyankee.com, Leaf-covered vase: marthastewart.com, Tike totems: allyou.com





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