Chocolate Easter Bunny - Easter fun for grownups

Easter Fun for Grown Ups

Why should the kids have all the fun this Easter? We still love chocolate and jellybeans and treasure hunts, not to mention pretty dresses and hats (for the girls obviously, guys just don’t seem as interested in Easter fashion). So brush off your Mary Jane’s, dig out your old bunny ears, and mix up a batch of Peeptinis. This year, Easter’s going to be a party.

online easter invitation


Let friends and family know they’re in for a treat by sending out a fun invite now. There are lots of great printed options available, but if time is tight you might want to send an electronic invite like this fun one from (Note: Easter is April 5th this year, not to stress you out or anything.)



We love cute bunnies and ducks but they don’t really say “Grown-up.” The trick is to combine them with more refined (adult) elements. Since Easter is already a mix of fancy (dress up and go to church) and fun (pink rabbits and chocolate eggs) you can be totally eclectic in your decorating. Fill your best crystal vases with jellybeans and perch a giant chocolate rabbit on your fanciest platter. Add in colorful tableware, fresh flowers, and fun signs for a photo-ready spread (i.e. your party will look great on Facebook).


Sure mimosas are lovely (we’d never turn one down) but this is one of the few times of the year you can get away with candy-themed cocktails (or mock-tails). Of course they’re a little over the top, but you know you’re dying to try one. A few of our favorites…

Pink Peeptini

2 parts marshmallow vodka
1 part raspberry schnapps
1 part half & half
Colored sugar or candy sprinkles for rimming the glass
Peep for garnish

Note: use other crème liquors or schnapps, for a variety of flavors/colors

Directions: Rim martini glass with sugar or sprinkles (dip into liquid first so they stick). Pour vodka, liquor, and half & half into a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously to chill. Strain into a prepared martini glass. Cut a ½ inch slit into a peep and set onto the rim of the glass for garnish. For a non-alcoholic version substitute any creamy liquid such as flavored milk or a fruit smoothie.

Jelly Bean Spritzer

1 oz jelly bean-infused vodka*, chilled
3 oz champagne, chilled
Lemon wedge
jelly beans for garnish

Directions: Pour vodka and champagne into a champagne glass. Squeeze in lemon juice and stir to mix. Slide 3 jellybeans onto a cocktail stirrer or simply drop them into the glass for a dash of holiday spirit. Sparkling pink lemonade work great for a non-alcoholic version.

*To make jelly bean-infused vodka, place 1/2 cup vodka & 1/4 cup jelly beans in a glass jar for 2 days. Strain. Makes four ounces. (Use one color of jellybeans per batch, for best results.)

chocolate-martini-croppedChocolate Martini

2 ounces vodka
1 1/2 ounces creme de cacao
Powdered cocoa for rimming
Chocolate candy for garnish

Directions: Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes and shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass rimmed with cocoa. Garnish with a chocolate bunny or other fun Easter candy. A Mock-choc-tini can easily be made using chocolate milk in place of the alcohol.

Peeps-Jello-ShotsLooking for more of a challenge? Check out these amazing Peeps Jello Shots created by blogger Michelle (the “Jello shot queen,” how fun is that?).



Grown up egg hunts

Egg hunts for kids usually involve brightly colored eggs, sugar highs, and crying (or is that just our house?). A grown up egg hunt is just as fun (maybe more fun) but usually involves adult beverages and no crying. Here are 3 fun versions to liven up the party.

grown-up-egg-hunt1. Eggs with Adult Treats
This has all the fun of a traditional egg hunt but the goodies inside are decidedly grown up. Consider buying the larger size plastic eggs and filling them with liquor filled chocolates, gift cards, and lottery scratchers. Wait till you see how fast your friends will run around your house and yard once they know what they’re playing for.

2. Scavenger Hunt for Eggs
For this version, write out a series of clues or riddles that lead guests to the hidden eggs. You’ll want a good variety of easy and hard clues so all guests can find at least one egg. Fill the eggs with prizes or money (harder clue = more money). You can get creative with the harder clues such as hiding an egg in a phonebook that you’ve modified by cutting a hole in the pages, or hiding one in a bag of frozen peas. Of course this means guests will be prying through every nook and cranny of your house so post a few “Off limits!” signs as needed.

Sample clues: “A box you use every day but Sunday” (in the mailbox) or “I have space but no rooms and you can enter but not leave” (near the computer keyboard)

3. Glow-in-the-Dark Eggs
Keep guests partying into the evening with the promise of a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt. Glowing eggs can be made by inserting a mini glow stick into each plastic egg. An alternative is the Flashlight Egg Hunt. You can use shiny gold eggs for this, which are a little easier to see at night, and also give guests the thrill of “discovering gold” each time they find an egg.

Egg Decorating Contest

Let guests show off their artistic side by offering plain eggs and a fun selection of decorating options. We recommend wooden craft eggs which are less messy and last longer than real eggs. Think outside the box for your art supplies. A few to try: nail polish, paint pens, glitter glue, sharpies, and temporary tattoos. Offer a variety of prizes such as most artistic, most unusual and best pop culture reference. Be sure to have a few fun trophies to award, like these awesome Storm Trooper and Darth Vader chocolate bunnies.

Bunny Ears Contest

Ask guests to wear their wildest bunny ears to the party and offer a prize for the best look. Of course, as host you’ll need your own “wow” set. Consider these fun oversized velvet ears you can bedazzle to your hearts content. Award prizes (such as grown up Easter baskets) for most creative, best attitude, and sexiest.

bunny-adult-jumpsuitPictures with the Easter Bunny

This classic (and slightly scary) tradition from childhood is way more fun as an adult. Enlist a friend to dress up in full bunny costume and pose for pictures with guests. Choose a traditional fuzzy bunny suit or go for a more modern urban street bunny look. Something for the bunny to sit on is a nice bonus. Maybe a pink velvet throne or giant stuffed carrot (whatever you have handy.)

Let’s help friends and family rediscover the joys of Easter, and candy-flavored cocktails. Be sure to take lots of pictures so you can send them in to our party gallery. Happy Hunting!

Looking for a new Easter tradition?

easter-egg-tree-at-nightCreate this fun DIY Easter Egg Tree with friends or family. It is fun to make and will add beautiful decor to your Easter gathering.



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