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Easy Valentines Day Party Ideas

Love is in the air! Or maybe you just love an excuse to eat chocolate, sip bubbly drinks and use glitter glue. Valentine’s Day is often filled with so many expectations (beaches, sunsets and white stallions? Us too!)  Why not change things up and invite everyone over for sweet treats and silly games. Romantic partners not required, but are handy for taking cute couples selfies. To make things more fun, we’ve created a free “Be Mine” Valentine’s Banner and free Matching Hearts Valentine’s Game.

free Valentines banner with "be mine"

Step 1: Decorate with love

Layer on the colors of the day. Soft pinks and silvers will say “romantic and sweet,” while bold reds and gold will say “passionate and fun!” Add dashes of color and sparkle anywhere you can, from the obvious (tablecloth, napkins, candles) to the unexpected. Hang red twinkle lights near the ceiling and around windows. Add a few hanging hearts, classic cupids and paper streamers. Then declare your intentions with our free “Be Mine” Valentines Day Banner.


Conversation Heart Cookies recipe

Step 2: Set out festive treats

Other than a few simple appetizers, it’s really about the desserts. It’s nice to have at least one homemade offering (Betty Crocker mix counts) such as Red Velvet Cupcakes, pink rice crispy treats, or frosted cookies. Add a few special “Valentine’s only” items like chocolate-covered strawberries, cherry fudge, and chocolate bon bons. For a wow factor, we like these pretty conversation hearts that you can customize for your guests (warning, you’ll need a few specialty decorating items, and you may just get hooked when you see all the amazing cookies you can create).

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chocolate cherry cha cha drink

Step 3: Mix up a Signature Cocktail (or mock-tail)

There are so many fun cocktails for your Valentines Day bar: anything with chocolate liquor, anything with champagne, anything with a Valentine-y name (the Romance, the Kiss on the Lips, the Hanky Panky – yes these are real, see link to recipes below). For good taste and good looks, we love this little candy-flavored number with the saucy name.

Chocolate Cherry Cha Cha Cha


1 ounce cherry liqueur
1 1/2 ounces Malibu Coconut Rum
1/2 ounce chocolate vodka
1/2 ounce club soda or sparkling water


Chill the ingredients beforehand. Pour the cherry liqueur into a martini glass. Follow it with the Malibu Coconut rum, then the chocolate vodka, and finally the sparkling water. Stir and serve.

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Valentines party Heart matching game

Step 4: Let the Games Begin

Find Your Other Half

This game takes a little prep but is a great ice-breaker as people arrive. Directions: print out our free Matching Hearts Game featuring famous pairs throughout history. There is a kids version (salt & pepper, Scooby Doo & Shaggy, etc.) and adults version (Tarzan & Jane, Kim & Kanye, etc.). Or use both for all-ages parties. Cut each heart in half and mix up the halves. Hand one to each guest and tell them to find their “better half.” Offer prizes for the fastest time, or hand out treats to all pairs as they complete their heart.

Necco Hearts Towers

This game is super simple, but surprisingly fun – and competitive! Directions: ask guests to split into pairs or teams. Hand them a bowlful of small Necco Conversation Hearts. Set a timer and award a prize to the team that has the tallest heart tower when time runs out. You may want to hold additional competitions between “Master Builders” who show special talent.

Spin the Bottle (with a Twist!)

Everyone knows about classic spin the bottle. You sit in a circle, one person spins a bottle and has to kiss whoever the bottle points to. For some crowds this still works (say, junior high through college age). For the rest of us, we have a new improved twist on the game. All the suspense, none of the awkwardness. Directions: ask guests to sit around a table (or in a circle on the floor). The first person spins the bottle and has to whisper a secret to the person it points to. This can be real (I love Justin Beiber!) or totally made up (I was a WWE wrestling champion). That person spins the bottle and has to whisper your secret AND their own secret to the person it points to. After 4 spins (or whatever number you decide) the last person picked then has to share all the secrets with the group. Repeat.


Have a fun Valentines Game? Send it in and we’ll add it to this post.

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