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Welcome to the Party!

Hello and welcome. We hope Sparkler will be your new go-to spot for party planning inspiration, how-to’s, planning tips, party fashion, decor and more. While we love party planning, and have some great experience, we definitely don’t call ourselves experts. We’re hoping this site will be a community where party planners like you (from first-timers to professionals) can share your own ideas, resources and tips.

Party planners are a special kind of person with unique skills. They tend to be creative visionaries but also perfectionists who obsess over each and every detail. We say, “own it!” That’s what takes a party from “What time does this event end? Will we be home in time for CSI?” to “Wow! is it really one in the morning!”

We’d love to hear from you about what party themes you’d like to see featured, any ideas or tips you can share, planning tools you recommend, reviews of any products or services you see featured here, and feedback on anything on our site (from content to functionality). All feedback, good and bad, is valuable to us as we work to improve your experience. Your opinion matters and we would love to hear from you!

So we hold up our glasses to you for a toast and say “Welcome to Sparkler!” We invite you to join our party planning community and we sincerely hope that you will not only enjoy the content but also find an invaluable resource for your next party.

Cheers, Angie

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