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Free Superbowl Party Games

The great thing about a Superbowl party is that everyone will be pumped up and ready to cheer for their team, shout at the refs, and cry at the commercials. Plus the expectations for food and decorations are generally low. Just hang some streamers and a few football balloons, put out some finger food and beer, and there’s your party. The trick is keeping non-football fans engaged after the initial excitement wears off and the halftime show is still a long way off. To up the fun factor, we’ve created 2 free printable games that will keep guests on the edge of their seats.

Superbowl Squares

Superbowl party squares game

This classic game awards money or prizes to guests whose square matches the game score at the end of each quarter.

Directions: Print our free Superbowl Squares game boards on heavy paper or cardstock. As guest arrive at the party, have them initial one or more of the white squares on the board (leave the grey squares blank). You’ll want to make sure all guests have a chance to initial at least one square. Once all the squares are taken, you will assign numbers to the blank grey squares. To do this, write the numbers 0 through 9 on small pieces of paper. Place them in a hat, and have someone draw them out one at a time. Write the numbers, as they are called, in the grey squares beneath the Broncos logo. Repeat the process for the grey squares next to the Panthers logo. At the end of each quarter, use the last number of each teams score to determine which guest is a winner. As an example, if the score is Broncos 15, Panthers 8, the winning square would be under the 5 and across from the 8.

Some people have guests “buy” each square, then divide up the money for prizes. Or you can buy 4 small prizes and award them at each quarter. Generally there are smaller prizes for the 1st and 3rd quarter score, a larger prize for the half-time score, and the biggest prize is for the final score.

Superbowl Squares Free Download


Superbowl Bingo

super bowl bingo printable

This football-themed bingo game lets guests win prizes based on what happens onscreen during the game. Everything from celebrity sightings to player meltdowns and cheerleaders in slow motion are fair game. Plus, of course, actual football-related events.

Directions: Print out cards on heavy cardstock and cut each page in half to make 2 cards. Hand out 1 card to each guest or team. There are 8 total cards with different squares, so no two cards are identical. Guests mark off each square as they see the item on TV. The first to get 5 in a row is a winner. You can also have prizes for an “X” (both diagonal lines), a “T” (top row horizontal and middle row vertical) or a blackout (all squares).

Superbowl Bingo Free Download



Have a fun idea for a Superbowl game? Let us know and we’ll include it here.

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