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Host a New Party Trend

Do you ever feel like connecting on social media has become more popular than connecting face to face? “Social” media has its purpose, but was never meant to replace real human connections. You know that nice neighbor you see once a year, or that friend that you only connect with on Facebook? Wouldn’t it be nice to hang out with them in person? Please join us in starting a new trend: a simple, regular get together called a “First Friday Party”.

You may be thinking that you’re too busy to plan a party or that your house isn’t party-ready, but let us reassure you, simplicity is the focus. No need to go crazy decorating or cooking a huge meal. The goal is to enjoy people’s company and fill your social cup enough to last a whole month. Here’s an easy, step-by-step guide to hosting this month’s First Friday Party.

When: Friday May, 1st (or Saturday the 2nd, whatever works for you), in the evening.

Where: Your House (inside or out depending on the weather)

Theme: Casual Fiesta (in honor of the upcoming Cinco de Mayo holiday)

What: Chips and Salsa, Mexican beer & margaritas

Why: Because you’ve been wanting to meet that new neighbor down the block. Because you haven’t seen your friends in months. Because it’s a great excuse for a margarita. Because no matter how busy life gets, it’s important to connect with the people in our lives face to face.

Easy Party Plan

1-2 weeks before the party

1) Invite your friends and/or neighbors to join you on Friday, May 1st (or Saturday, it’s flexible) using the invitation below. We recommend either 4–6pm (for a pre-dinner cocktail party) or 7-9pm (for a post-dinner get-together) to keep it simple. No need for guests to RSVP, unless you want a head count for drinks.

Download invitations here. (Customizable option available)

2) Choose some simple decorations for a Fiesta theme. Papel picado flags, paper flowers, or a few strings of lights is all you need.

The day before the party

3) Download or buy some fun, breezy salsa music. Spotify members can download our Modern Fiesta playlist free.

4) Make or pick up some finger foods (chips and salsa, sliced fruit, etc.), drinks and ice. For a classic fiesta feel, grab some Mexican beers, margarita mix, tequila and limes.

Day of Party

5) Set up decor, food and drinks.

6) Snap a few pictures of you and the guests to upload to the Sparkler First Friday photo gallery or to Instagram #firstfridayparty. Fun photo idea: position yourself at a high angle and ask everyone to toast the camera.

That’s it. Now kick back and enjoy your guests. The goal of a First Friday Party is simply to get together with neighbors or friends on a regular basis, with as little stress as possible. Let’s bring back real conversation, one Friday at a time.