Make Your Next Party SUPER!

Who wouldn’t love dressing up as their favorite hero (or villain!) for a party or event? And who says we have to wait until Halloween to dress in costume! These five comic-book-inspired events are packed with “BAM!” “BANG!””POW!” fun and creativity. Be prepared – you’ll be tempted to throw your own Superhero party.

Superhero Birthday Parties

Nothing says “the birthday girl is special” more than a Superhero party. Event designer & styler, Brittany Schwaigert, did an amazing job with the colorful and creative decor of this party. The party was a blast and it shows, I love how the family got all into the theme with matching t-shirts and fun photos. See more photos of the party here.

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This Superhero birthday party was action packed with excitement. I like how the host, Ngoc Nguyen, made costumes mandatory and hand-painted this amazing comic book photo backdrop. See more fun photos from this party here.

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Heroic Scavenger Hunt & Party

Fun fun fun! This party was full of it. What a great idea to combine a scavenger hunt with a birthday party. This idea would be awesome for a team building exercise as well (imagine your boss dressed up like the Hulk!). See more of their scavenger hunt challenges here.

 Scavenger Hunt Superhero party
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Superhero Themed Wedding

My hat goes off to anyone who can pull this themed wedding off in an elegant way! What a creative and very fun way to start your marriage. The wedding photos will be incredibly unique and the day will be remembered forever by every guest. See more superhero wedding ideas here.

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Staff Appreciation Week

This boss really knows how to make their employees feel loved! Not just one but FIVE days of special snacks, meals & desserts. This party was for teachers (true superheroes) but could also be done for volunteers and any other group worthy of praise such as local firemen or policemen. See more details and find downloadables from this party here.

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SUPER drinks

Ready to throw your own Superhero party, or just feel Super? We found these cool shot glasses that are sure to impress all your guests.


Would you throw a Superhero party? We’d love to see the photos and feature them in our party gallery.

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