James bond girl

Most Popular Party Themes

Looking for a great theme for your next party? Have you checked out these top 3 party themes (based on site traffic)? We know James Bond is hot, but we didn’t expect our Casino Royale party to be the number one most popular party. Party planners are also feeling the love for Paris and Disco themed parties. To make party planning easier, we’ve recently added stores to these top three themes, where you can buy hand-selected decorations and favors (through our partnership with Amazon). These are still beta versions so let us know what you think.

1) James Bond/Casino Royale


What makes a James Bond party so cool? 1) guys in tuxedos 2) women in diamonds 3) martini’s 4) the chance to say cheeky things like “The name’s Bond…James Bond” and “I’ll have a martini…shaken, not stirred” and “Miss Anders, I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on.” Turn down the lights, add a few casino tables, some gold accents, and you’ve got a true Casino Royale party.


2) A Night in Paris


Nous aimons Paris! Transport your guests to the city of love, where everyone is stylish, beautiful, and charming. If only for the chance to wear a cute red beret, drink lot’s of expensive wine, and say “oui oui!” to everything (More champagne? Oui! Shall we dance on the tables? Oui!).

This theme is perfect for any event that is romantic (wedding, prom, anniversary party) or girls-only (birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, bat mitzvah).


3) Studio 54 Disco


You can pretty much guarantee a good time for your guests when you throw a Studio 54 theme party. The super funky dance music, hot fashions, decadent cocktails, disco balls. Need we say more? What sets a Studio 54 party apart from the usual disco party is an extra dose of cool, club style. Keep the great music; lose the tie-die shirts and leisure suits.

Which theme is your favorite?  We have more fun themes to choose from, including our newest: Modern Fiesta. So choose your party theme and start planning your next party today.