DIY hollywood vase centerpiece with red roses

Stunning DIY Hollywood Centerpiece

Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor and Clark Gable are just a few names that come to mind when I think of old Hollywood glam. For this DIY I chose Marilyn Monroe. Her iconic look and gorgeous photos make her an easy choice as my leading lady for a big Glamorous Hollywood party or fundraising event.

DIY hollywood vase for centerpiece supplies

A complete supplies list and buying guide is available below.

Step One

Using a ruler, pen and scissors, trim the image to fit the vase. I used Marilyn Monroe images from a calendar. It worked great! I loved how nice the images were. They were like a mini poster. You could also use images from a book or even print images, of your own Hollywood star, right from your computer. I used three different Marilyn Monroe images for this DIY but you can choose to do more or less depending on the size of your vase and the size of your images.


DIY hollywood vase for centerpiece prepping

Step Two

Adhere your image to the vase. I first put down a piece of parchment paper to protect my work surface. I noticed that when placing the image onto the clear glass vase I could see that the back side print, of the calendar, showed through the image, if it was light in color. To fix this problem I took a dark piece of paper and using my foam brush, glued it with Mod Podge to the back of my image. You could also glue a larger piece of paper to the entire vase, or paint the vase with a dark color acrylic paint before adding the images.


DIY hollywood vase for centerpiece coating with mod podge

I then coated the back side of my image with more Mod Podge. I found it was a bit easier to line up my image with the vase on its side. Apply the Mod Podge to the back of the next image and place on the vase. Continue this process until the vase is fully covered.


DIY hollywood vase centerpiece coating with mod podge

Step Three

Sealing the image. Set the vase upright, take your foam brush with Mod Podge and coat the image generously. It will appear white and streaky but have no fear, it will dry clear. Follow the drying time on the bottle and repeat coats as needed. I ended up doing two coats for this project.

With three images, the finished vase looks great from all angles! This makes it perfect for using as a centerpiece.

DIY hollywood vase centerpiece front

DIY hollywood vase centerpiece side

DIY hollywood vase centerpiece back

If you want to re-use your vase and not have the image permanently affixed, you have a few options. Instead of using the Mod Podge you can use a few drop of hot glue to hold the images in place. The glue can be peeled off afterwards. You can also experiment with a good quality double sided tape or adhesives. I would suggest testing it out before your event to see how long it will hold in place.


DIY hollywood votives for centerpiece spraying with gold paint

Step Four

Glam up your votive candle holders. Taking the gold spray paint, spray your clear glass candle holder until coated. Follow the directions on the can and be sure to use in a well ventilated area. I sprayed them outside and only needed one coat.

DIY glamorous hollywood vase for centerpiece

Step Five

Add flowers and decorate! You can use fresh or artificial flowers in your vase. I like using floral foam so the flowers can be arranged nicely and kept in place. The foam is also great when using fresh flowers because the foam is soaked in water so you don’t have to worry about a full, heavy vase of water. Time to bring it all together: a black tablecloth, gold sequin fabric, and gold votive candle holders act as a great co-star to our main attraction, the Hollywood Glam vase.
What fun would it be to sit and mingle with famous Hollywood stars of yesterday. Having one of these gorgeous vases at your table, may give you a little taste of what that was like. You will feel like you’re the main attraction with the spotlight shining brightly upon you. Just don’t forget to smile for the paparazzi!


Supplies List

10″ Glass vase

Photo images: Marilyn Monroe Calendar (see also James Dean & Audrey Hepburn calendars)

Roses (real or artificial)

Mod Podge

Foam brush

Votive candle holders


Gold spray paint



Pen or pencil


Dark paper

Floral Foam

Sparkle sequin fabric

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