Casino Royale

Decor for your James Bond or Casino Royale party

Decorations for a Casino Royale party combine the sexy cool of Bond with the fun action of the casino. Set the scene with an elegant look featuring black and red with gold accents. Flowers should be simple, tables dark, lights dim. Like Bond, we suggest keeping it classic and refined.

Ideas to Steal

Oversized poker icons

Giant playing cards, poker chips and dice make great wall art or can be mounted on cardboard and arranged together near the entrance and on serving tables. If you’re feeling crafty, see our Casino Royale DIY post for directions to make an oversized dice vase and candle holders.

A touch of glitter

Make guests feel like high rollers with some silver, gold and glittery accents. Consider silver chandelier, silver table runners, gold charger plates, glittery card suits for the wall, and diamonds anywhere you can fit them.

Martini Glasses

If possible, serve all drinks (even non-alcoholic drinks) in real martini glasses. Oversized martini glasses also make a great centerpiece. Fill them with fake jewels, cards & dice, or floating candles.

Bond Standee

Choose your favorite Bond (classic Connery? 80s Moore? modern Craig?) then set the life size standee in a prime area to greet guests and be available for photo ops.

Sexy Silhouettes

Take your cue from Bond’s opening credits and fill your party with figures of secret agents and sexy assassin. You will find full-sized wall decals as well as smaller versions to add to your table decor or top your cupcakes.


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