Casino Royale


James Bond movies feature two main forms of entertainment: killing bad guys and looking hot while drinking a martini (okay three, if you count late night activities). For a Casino Royale party, you simply add in the casino games and let the fun begin.

1. Rent casino tables

casino dealer
Although you can DIY a decent poker table, we recommend going pro with real tables for craps, roulette and cards. Rentals usually include dealers to run the games and handle tipsy guests.

2. Hire James Bond theme performers

bond girl with secret agents
Bond girls can dance on stage, perform acrobatics or just lounge around in a bikini and gold body paint. Bond villains and Secret Service Agents are great for photo ops and their menacing presence adds an element of excitement to the casino tables.
Featured here: Bond girl and secret agents for hire at Rick Herns Productions


3. Set up a 007 Photo Booth

James bond party photo booth
You worked hard to look this good. Capture the night with a Bond themed photo booth. The bullet hole graphic is a classic or consider a simple backdrop with fun Bond props such as toy guns, fake knives, and real martinis.

4. Host a Martini Bar

martini glasses
James Bond is so famous for his martinis that they really deserve to be an activity all their own. Consider setting up a separate Martini Bar with a menu of fun choices. You can give them fun Bond names like “The Octopussy,” “The Pussy Galore,” etc.


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