Casino Royale

Depending on how many martinis they enjoy during your Casino Royale party, guests may need a little help recalling details the next day. A lucky few will be leaving with some cold hard cash (or prizes) that they’ve won at the casino tables. For everyone else, a few mementos to remember the night.

Fun Favor Ideas

Dice boxes – Fill cardboard or plastic dice boxes with candy such as chocolate poker chips or red and black hershey’s kisses.

Martini Glasses – Have your glasses custom printed with the name of your event, or fill standard glasses with silver and gold candy.

Martini Kit – You can fill inexpensive plastic shakers with a mini martini kit including mini bottles of gin and olives.

Custom playing cards – Perfect for the theme and guests will remember your party every time they use them.

Casino Prizes – If guests are gambling with “party dollars” and/or chips, let them cash in at the end of the night and select their own prize to take home. You can offer a selection of wine or liquor (for adult parties), candy or cookies, and even real scratcher lottery tickets for the chance to win big.


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