Casino Royale centerpiece with dice, flowers and poker chips

DIY Casino Royale Centerpiece

Lady Luck will be on your side with this easy, DIY “Casino Royale” James bond-inspired centerpiece. It’s sure to impress any high roller or stroller roller without breaking the bank, so let’s roll the dice and go all in!


A complete supplies list and buying guide is available below. Download our free Suits Pattern here.


Step 1

Place the large vase on its side, on the back side of the red glitter paper. Trim paper to correct size and attach to vase with adhesive. Repeat for remaining 3 sides. If you want to use the vase later without decoration, use removable adhesive or use one long piece of paper to wrap the vase and glue just the ends together.


Step 2

Using a 1″ circle punch and the black glitter paper, punch out 18 circles.

Place a small piece of adhesive to the back of each dot and adhere to each side of the vase to resemble the dots on a die. For example, place three dots diagonally on one face and six dots, two rows of three, on another.


Step 3

Lay out skewers on newspaper or cardboard in a well-ventilated area. Spray with silver spray paint. Let dry for a bit then roll them over to spray the other side. Allow to dry fully.


Step 4

Print out the suits pattern and cut out each suit. Place the cut outs on the back side of the red and black glitter foam and trace with your marking pen. If you place a small piece of adhesive on your pattern it makes it a lot easier to trace without it slipping on you. I did heart and diamond on red and spade and clover on black. You will need two of each suit.


Step 5

Peel off the paper backing from the glitter foam and place a dry, painted skewer on top. Take you second cut out of the same suit and place on top of the skewer to sandwich them together. Repeat until you have one of each suit made. Optional: attach a feather to one side, part way down, with a little bit of hot glue. This will give it some extra flair!


Step 6

Hot glue three poker chips together so they are just overlapping. Attach to skewer with hot glue. Add a fourth poker chip to the back side in the middle, with a little more hot glue to hide where you attached it. Optional: attach a feather with a small amount of hot glue to fill in the gaps.


Step 7

Cut the floral foam to fit the bottom of the vase and place inside.

Pour some water in your vase to moisten the foam.


Step 8

Cut rose stems to desired length and place roses, one at a time, in the foam. This allows them to stand up tall and fill the vase evenly.


Step 9

Take your suit sticks and place into foam, trimming the length if needed. Do the same with your poker chip stick. If you have extra poker chips scatter them on the table around your centerpiece for a fun look!


Dice Candle Holders

These are super simple to make and are a nice addition to the main centerpiece.

You can use any small sized square glass vase. Frosted white works best but clear will also work. Simply punch out additional black glitter dots and attach with adhesive to the 4 sides of the vase to resemble dice.

Voila! There you have it. A fun and stylish centerpiece that will make your guests feel like they have hit the jackpot!

Cost cutting tip: If this centerpiece is for a non-profit event, be sure to ask around. Your local florist or growers may be able to provide the flowers at a discounted rate or even free! People love to help a great cause and getting a tax write-off is a bonus! It’s a win, win for all.



Where to Buy

7” clear square vase $14/each

3” frosted square vase $42/ case of 24 (optional, for candle holders)

5” frosted square vase $80/case of 12

Glitter paper $25/pack of 15

Foam glitter sheet $1.50

Precision scissors $8

1” craft punch $6

Glue gun $12

Floral foam $16/pack of six large blocks

Bamboo skewers $5/pack of 100

Silver spray paint $15

Poker chips $10/100

White feathers $5.50/bag

Glue dots $7.20/box of 600

Glue stick (large, repositionable) $6.20

8-12 red and white roses

Poker chips

White feathers

1″ circle punch

Hot glue gun


Marking pen


Suits pattern (download a free template)

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