Finished DIY vase centerpiece using paris printables

DIY Centerpiece on a Budget

Looking for a low cost, fun centerpiece for your next event? We made this super affordable vase with paper flowers and themed inserts for only $5! It’s easy to make, looks elegant, and can be customized for any theme.

Don’t miss the free printable inserts below, with graphics for both a Paris theme and a Casino theme.

DIY Vase Supplies on table

Complete supplies list and shopping guide available below. Note: For this demonstration we used different types of tapes as adhesives, however, a hot glue gun will work as well.


Attaching tape to vase

Choose a base ribbon to put around the glass vase. Cut the ribbon to the correct size to fit around the vase with about 1/2″ overlap. Use hem tape (or a glue gun) to seal the ribbon to to the vase (tip: if you have trouble removing the backing, slide a fingernail under an upper corner and pull slowly). Wrap the ribbon around the vase and use another piece of hem tape to attach it to itself.


adding second ribbon to DIY vase

Choose a smaller ribbon and repeat the same steps above.


DIY vase cutting embellishment

To create your embellishment for the front of the vase, cut out a fancy background from card stock (we like the fun glitter paper for this).


cutting themed printables

Download the themed images you wish to use from the link at the bottom of this page. Print on card stock and punch or hand cut one image to be used for the front of the vase (the floral punch we used for the pink backdrop is is 2 1/4″ and the circle punch used for the image is 1 1/2″). Attach the themed image to the card stock background using foam tape.


DIY vase project assembly

Then attach the completed piece to the front of the vase using another piece of foam tape. (this tape helps the flat image stick to the rounded vase and works best on glitter card stock.)


Fun downloadables for DIY vase

To add some fun to your vase, download some themed printables and print on cardstock paper. Cut out two of each image you wish to use (for the front and back). The glitter star stickers shown here are available to purchase (see below).


punching out themed sparklers

We cut these sweet fluer de lis using a craft punch and glitter foam paper.


Assembling themed inserts for DIY vase

Attach the images to a floral stem wire using double sided tape. Place one on the front and one on the back.


Paris printables for a theme party

Set inserts aside until you’ve filled your vase with flowers. The silver curly ting accents are an inexpensive addition that adds some nice sparkle.


DIY vase filled with flowers

Fill the vases with a small amount of glass gems (or any other type of filler you prefer) to enhance the look and make it easier to arrange flowers and inserts in the vase. Add real flowers or use these instructions for creating tissue paper roses like we did.


Finished DIY vase centerpiece using paris printables

Arrange your themed inserts within the bouquet and trim to desired height. Voilà, your done!



Supplies List

Glass Cylinder Vases

Base Ribbon 4″ wide: Pink or Red

Overlay ribbon (smaller than the base ribbon) Hot Pink or Black

Cardstock Glitter Paper

Instant Hem Tape

Glitter Foam Paper

Floral Wire Stems

Double Sided Tape

Foam Tape

Glass Gems

Foam Stars

Craft Punches: Scalloped Circle, Circle, Fleur De Lis, Heart

Sparkler Curly Ting


Flowers (if making paper flowers)

Tissue Paper

Floral Tape

Paper Covered Stem Wires







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