DIY Easter egg tree

DIY Easter Egg Tree

The German tradition of decorating branches of trees with eggs for Easter is centuries old. As we have German family and friends, my kids were inspired to create their own tree this year.


1 dozen eggs
1 branch
white thread
permanent markers in various colors
egg dye
spray paint
wire lights
needle & thread
paper towel


1. Find a branch: We hunted in the woods for the perfect branch – one with enough smaller branches to hang approximately a dozen eggs in various places, and the right size to fit in a vase indoors.

2. Paint branch: After finding the desired branch, we lightly spray painted it (outside) with some spray paint we found in our garage – Rustoleum white gloss.

3. Decorate branch, if desired: While the paint was still wet, my daughter sprinkled some pink glitter she had in her art supplies, and some of it stuck to the larger branches.

4. Add lights: We waited for the branch to dry, then we wrapped a battery-operated light wire we had left over from our Christmas decorations (we used Amber Glimmer Strings, $12.95 at Pier One)

5. “Blow out” a dozen eggs: Use a large needle to poke a small hole in the smaller end of the egg. Use the same needle to carefully poke out a somewhat larger (3mm) hole in the bottom part of the egg, blow into the smaller top hole and the contents of the egg exit from the larger bottom hole into a bowl. We then rinsed out each egg to take away any traces of liquid and let the eggs dry in the sun.

6. Decorate eggs: My kids drew designs with colored “Sharpie” pens (but any permanent marker would do), and then we dipped the eggs in different dyes.

7. Hang eggs: We threaded a long needle with a fine white thread and tied the end of thread to a small piece of paper towel to prevent the thread from coming up through the top hole of the egg. We then strung the eggs to the branches of our “tree” at diverse lengths and stood the tree up in a bowl (that we further decorated with hard-boiled eggs that we painted in various gold hues and set in pink Easter grass).

A fun, easy, and elegant Easter decoration for your home!