Western party DIY decoration

DIY Wild West Centerpiece

In the spirit of the Wild West we are taking this DIY outdoors! Ya’ll Grab your pail and your glue gun and get ready to put in a little manual labor. Ok, I’ll admit it’s not much, and I promise you won’t even break a sweat, but that will be our little secret. Mosey on over partner and lets get to work before the cows come home!

materials for DIY western decor

A complete materials list and buying guide is included at the end of this article.

Step 1: Decorate Your Pail

glueing fabric for DIY western decor

You can use pieces of fabric, burlap and bandannas to decorate your pail. I wrapped a 2.5″ thick strip of burlap around my pail, securing it in place with hot glue. I then folded my bandanna on the diagonal, wrapped it around the burlap and tied a knot.

Step 2: Make Wild West Images

tracing horseshoe for DIY western decor

You can use any western images you like, or click the link in the supplies list below to download the ones I used. Cut out each image and place on either paper or fabric (or use a bandanna like I did for this horseshoe). I also found that double-sided scrapbook paper worked well. If you use fabric, bandannas or paper with color on only one side, you will want to double it up. That way it will be thicker and you will have your chosen color or pattern on both sides. It’s easy to do by sandwiching the two pieces together, (color/pattern side facing out) and using a little Mod Podge in between the pieces.

glueing horseshoe for DIY western decor

Mod Podge Application: Prep your work area by laying down a piece of parchment paper. With your foam brush apply a generous coat of Mod Podge. Let dry about twenty minutes, flip over and apply a coat to the back side and let dry. The Mod Podge will help stiffen up your image and it will hold up better.

Step 3: Make Pinwheels

DIY pinwheel for western party

Add a whimsical note with this cute DIY pinwheel. I made mine with western-themed scrapbook paper. Using 2-sided paper gives it a nice contrast. I followed an easy tutorial from polkadotbride.com

Step 4: Assemble

Western party centerpiece

Use real or fake flowers to fill your pail. Daisies, sunflowers, or wild flowers would all look great! If you choose real flowers, test your bucket for leaks. If needed, you can insert a container for water into your pail, and then add your flowers. You can also use floral foam to arrange your flowers and hold them in place.

Add the pinwheel to the flowers. Finally, arrange the western ornaments around the base of the pail or glue them on skewers and insert them into the flowers.

Optional: Hang your bucket

Wester party pail hanging in tree

If your party is outdoors, you can hang a few of these pretty arrangements in trees or even from the porch.

Optional: Hang your western ornaments           

Western party hanging pail

You can string your western ornaments on twine and hang them from the bucket for a fun, breezy look. This would work well for kids’ parties. To create this display I made holes in the bottom of the bucket using a hammer and a nail. Then I punched a hole in each ornament and strung them them up with twine.

Shortcut Tips

Short on time and want to skip the cutting and Mod Podge of images? No problem. Use western themed ornaments (available from Amazon). Or, try using western cutouts from a rodeo party garland (available from Amazon). If needed, apply a coat of Mod Podge to stiffen, and you’re all set.

Well there you have it ya’ll. Time to two-step it on over and saddle up under the shady tree with your cowboy at your side. Enjoy watching the sun set on the horizon with a glass of Lynchburg lemonade or Texas tea in hand and your Wild West decor gently blowing in the breeze.

Supplies List

Galvanized pail


Scrapbook paper (double sided)



Mod Podge

Foam brush



Hot glue gun & sticks

Straws (for pinwheel)

Paper Fasteners (for pinwheel)

Basic supplies you will need: Scissors, hole punch, marking pen and/or pencil, ruler, exacto knife, parchment paper

Western image downloads: horseshoe, cowboy boot, assorted graphics


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