Must-Have Halloween Decor

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays to decorate for! You can go all out and transform your entire house into a haunted mansion, go retro elegant with dark colors and classic patterns, or just go crazy with wild yard scenes, day-glo colors and flashing lights. There are no bad choices.

A few of our must have items for any Halloween decor:

Mood Lighting

Aim for dark, glowing, and flickering. Outdoors you can replace normal lights with red light bulbs or line your walk with flameless candles. Inside you can turn off most overhead lights and rely solely on dim chandeliers and tons of candles.


A simple dry ice machine can produce hours of haunting “graveyard mist” and adds a lovely spooky feel to any location. We love to use one out front and another indoors (just be sure your model is designed for indoor use).


An inexpensive way to create a big effect. Outside, you can string them over bushes, across your front walkway, and over the door. Inside, add them to every corner and surface you can. The trick is to stretch the fibers completely so the effect is a shear web, rather than clumps or thick strands. Sprinkle liberally with fake spiders.

Motion Activated Creepies

Halloween technology has advanced so much that your whole house can now become a shrieking, cackling, wailing, moaning shop of horrors, if that’s your style. If that sounds like your personal nightmare, consider just one or two wailing ghosts to set the mood as guests arrive.


Find your Halloween style now, with these hand-selected items from our retail partners.