Modern Fiesta

You really can’t be too colorful with fiesta decorations and there are so many options for adding in pretty patterns and textures. Luckily it’s possible to achieve an elegant look without spending a lot. Consider paper fans and lanterns, tissue flowers, bright Mexican blankets, and fresh bouquets on the tables.

Ideas to Steal

Pinatas as Art

Top everything off with a few pretty piñatas in various sizes. Hang one or more overhead, or use them to decorate the buffet, the margarita station, the dining tables, or wherever you need a pop of “fun.”

Paper Flags Indoors

Traditionally strung across a courtyard, these colorful flags look great anywhere you want to hang them. Try criss-crossing a large room with several strings of flags, or hang them behind the buffet and around windows.

Mix and Match colors

No need to worry about having all the same table cloths or ordering special napkins. Look for bright tablecloths, napkins and dishes that can be combined in fun ways to achieve a fiesta style.

Mexican blankets

Colorful woven Mexican blankets make great table covers, especially on food tables and the bar. Many blankets available for this purpose come in lighter weight fabrics and modern colors. They also work well as bench covers and are handy for keeping guests warm at outdoor evening events.


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Cactus decor for mexican fiesta
Cactus Pinata