Modern Fiesta


There’s something about a fiesta that makes guests a little giddy. Maybe it’s the combination of sombreros, salsa music, and margaritas, but it does make for a fun party. Keep guests busy and entertained with a few modern twists on classic fiesta activities. Yes, many of these involve tequila.

Tequila Tasting Bar

If you’ve only had tequila in a margarita, or as a shot downed quickly at a bar, you’re in for a treat. Choose a few varieties of nicer tequila (made from pure agave) for tasting. You can set the bar up to be self-serve by printing a small sign for each type of tequila with background and highlights. True tequila connoisseurs use special tequila glassware, similar to white wine glasses, but any small glasses will work. Ask guests to taste each variety and vote for their favorite. For more information on tequila varieties and what to look for when tasting each one, visit


Loteria Mexican Bingo

This classic game has a cool retro vibe, and is a perfect way to “break the ice.” You’ll just need an inexpensive Loteria set that includes the bingo boards and cards. As guests arrive, hand them a bingo card which they can pin to their shirt or keep hidden in a pocket (depending on how hard you want the game to be). When everyone has arrived, pair up guests in groups of 2 or more and hand them a board. Teams will fill squares on the board by finding another guest whose card matches that square and having them sign the square. You can award prizes for the first Bingo or for everyone who gets a Bingo.


Salsa Dancing Lesson

Most people can fake a good salsa dance but need a little incentive to get out on the dance floor. A salsa teacher can loosen everyone up with a few basic instructions and a command to “shake those hips!” and “thrust that pelvis!” Contact a local dance studio or salsa dance club to find a teacher. You can get a head start with the introductory lesson above. Keep the music loud and the margaritas flowing for best results.


Grown Up Piñata

Not just for kids! Most grown ups secretly love pinatas. We love watching our friends swinging a stick wildly at a paper animal, while blindfolded, and we love the mad scramble for goodies when it breaks. Just scrap the Smartees (which, honestly, no one likes) and the plastic toys for an assortment that’s a little more exciting. Start with some gourmet chocolates or mints, then add a few adults-only items like mini tequila bottles, margarita mix, and limes.



Photo Booth

Capture the fiesta fun with a colorful photo backdrop and a few themed props. A simple backdrop can be created by hanging multicolored streamers from a curtain rod or wire, then add pretty paper fans, lanterns and Mexican flags around the edges. Props might include velvet sombreros, piñatas, castanets, serapes, and fake mustaches. We’re not sure why fake mustaches are so popular at fiestas but who are we to argue when they look so great in the photos.