Fiesta Forty Birthday Celebration

After seeing this pretty fiesta party, we can’t stop dreaming about pinatas, margaritas, and mariachis. From vibrant colored décor to delicious food & desserts, this party has something for everyone. Here is a little about the party from the planner, Anneliese of Aesthetic Nest:

“Well, we did it! We used my fortieth birthday as the excuse to host a party we’d been thinking about for a few years, with street taco vending, live Mexican music, good friends and family and lots of bright decorations. So much fun!”

See more party details from Anneliese, below, to learn how you can throw your own fabulous Fiesta!

Décor: “We set up guest tables in our backyard topped with chartreuse green table covers, then yellow paper cloths hand-cut to resemble Papel Picado banners, then my oilcloth Fiesta Tablecloths, and finally the Fiesta Flower Bouquets I had been making in the wee hours these past weeks. The serving tables were set with yellow table skirts, white hand-cut paper tablecloths, and over sized yellow tissue Papel Picado banners.”

Food: “But the food is the real story! It was the real deal: carnitas, carne asada and pollo street tacos with grilled onions and pico de gallo (catered by a great local authentic restaurant); chips, my husband’s guacamole and a variety of salsas; my Fiesta Salad; and  churros made-to-order (the only way to eat them) with chocolate or sweetened condensed milk to top.”

Music: “We had two guitarists playing Ranchero music–they were so great, played a good variety at the right volume, and really added to the fiesta flavor.”

Drinks: “Other serving table details included delicious Jarritos sodas in lime, mandarin, mango, guava and mandarin. These are good and so sweet so one needs a party as an excuse to drink them! We served “Mexican Coke” (the stuff made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup–yum!), and the requisite Diet Coke and water as well but the Jarritos were the first to go!”

Cake: “And, of course, birthday cake! I made Tres Leches Cake, four of them actually (recipe below). I topped each with a bright pink flower (of course) and ten candles–a bit less overwhelming to spread them out in tens rather than have forty on one cake!”

Read more about this party and find the recipe for her yummy “tres leches” cake at Aesthetic Nest.


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