Grown Up Harry Potter Party

Some people just have what it takes to create a unique and elaborate party. Tina fromĀ Sugar Bean Bakers, who designed this Harry Potter Party, is a great example. The food & games were given special attention to detail with an authentic looking result.

The treats (some of them hand made) were packaged with adorable labels that Tina found online or created herself. My favorite is the butterbeer label “Since 1498.” The assortment of treats in the Honeyduke’s Sweet Shop was awe-inspiring, I’m sure her party guests were thrilled.

Activities included sorting each guests into the different Hogwarts houses, followed by a wand ceremony where the wands “chose” the wizard via spin the bottle method. Games played were Horcrux Hunting, Pensieve, Wizard Dueling, Trivia, Potion Mixing & of course Quidditch. How fun!


To read more about this Harry Potter Party, visitĀ Sugar Bean Bakers.

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