Super Hero Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party

This might be the most fun party we’ve seen yet! Ngoc Nguyen, of, put together this super creative scavenger hunt party. Here’s a little about the party from Ngoc:

“My first Super Hero party was a huge success so I had a few friends request that I throw another one. The best thing about already setting a precedence is that no one complained this year about my strict costumes mandatory rule. Instead, they all realized that the more outrageous the costume, the cooler everyone else thought you were. I was so pumped that people went all out on their costumes this year! To spice things up a little bit, I kicked off the party with a photo scavenger hunt. I made a fun list of things to do, and gave everyone 1 hour to complete as many of the listed items as possible. Although some people were unsure about running around the city in their costumes, by the end of it, everyone had a blast, and now they have all these great photos to show for it.”


Printed Scavenger Hunt List, created by Ngoc, is available for download at

Cupcakes by Heather from Shameless Vanilla



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