Rock the 80s

Women’s Fashion

What can we say about 80s fashion for women: simple, refined, understated? No, no and no. This is your chance to pile on the bright colors, wild patterns, and plastic accessories. More is more. Thinking of a black skirt? Make it a tutu and add a corset. Considering a jacket? Make it velvet with a leopard print collar. There really are no rules so just keep experimenting, and layering, until it feels right.


Buying Guide
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Rhinestone Boy Toy Belt Buckle $15 • Heirloom Finds Neon Earrings $19 • 80s Groove Outfit Costume (lavender) $60 • Multi-layer Chain Necklace $6 • Black Gummy Bracelets $10/12 • Sheinside Graffiti Dress $21 • To The Maxx Girlie Costume (black) $35 • 80’s Neon bracelets $8 • Lovisa Turquoise Pumps $23

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Men’s Fashion

80s men’s fashion had a few hits, and a lot of misses (mesh t-shirts, hammer pants, fanny packs!). Focus on the good and find your retro style. Steal Don Johnson’s white blazer and t-shirt look, go Preppy with polo shirts and loafers, rock out with vintage band wear and spiked hair, or make like Michael with red leather and silver socks.



Beat It Costume Jacket $70 • Piano Keyboard Necktie $3.50 • Devo Sunglasses $10 • Def Leppard Hysteria T-shirt $25 • Swatch Shunbukin Rubber Watch $40 • Ralph Lauren Pink Poplin Shirt $90 • Pacific Edge Aviator Sunglasses $25 • Classic Stripe D-ring Belt $35 • Adidas Originals Superstar $75

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