Speakeasy Party


A speakeasy party has so many fun options to entertain your guests and get them moving. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

1. Hire a great Jazz band to get your guests out on the dance floor.

speakeasy party band
Pictured here: Agents Speakeasy Band

2. Learn to dance the Charleston

Hire a local dance teacher to lead guests through the basics. Luckily Charleston steps are simple enough that even guests who’ve had a few “bees knees” can master them. This fun video will give you a head start.

3. Hire Dancers

Flapper Dancers at a SpeakeasyProfessional dancers can perform in costume, teach the Charleston, hand out champagne, sell raffle tickets, and mingle with guests. Pictured here: 1920s Flapper Dancers available for hire through The Entertainment Contractor


4. Set up a Whiskey Tasting Bar

Whiskey Tasting BarThis can be a casual self-serve set up or your bartender can offer special vintages for tasting. Choose variety of whiskey from your local Costco, BevMo or specialty liquor store.


5. Set up a Photo Booth

Speakeasy Photo BoothRent or borrow a few vintage furniture items such a velvet chair or couch and side table. Depending on your room, consider adding a vintage rug and curtain or backdrop behind the scene.

An alternative is a “mug shot” set up with classic backdrop and inmate ID sign for guests to hold. Set out a few props such as fedoras, feathered hair bands and boas. Hire a photographer or encourage guests to snap their own photos and post to your party site. Background pictured here available at stumpsparty.com

Photo booth mug shot wall