Studio 54 Disco Party

Studio 54 disco party decorations

Studio 54 style is a mix of urban club scene with over-the-top 70s Glam. Imagine Grace Jones and Mick Jagger lounging around on sleek leather couches and leopard print rugs under a crystal chandelier. For a more modern take, add in some neon and glow-in-the-dark touches. And of course a huge disco ball is a given.

Steal These Ideas

Multiple Disco Balls

It’s true, you can never have too many. Grouping several together, in various sizes, will create a real “wow” effect. You can hang a few from the ceiling, stack a few on the dessert table, and fill vases with mini disco balls for dining tables.

Silver Curtains

Silver beads, tinsel door hangers and silver lame fabric will all look great covering your entrance, draped over windows, or on the wall behind the dessert table.

Vinyl Records

Old vinyl records (or the new vinyl record placemats and coasters) will give your room an old school mix-master feel. Hang records on the wall or from the ceiling with fishing line. Layer them under serving dishes and centerpieces. Album covers from disco classics, like Saturday Night Fever, also make great wall art.

Light Up Dance Floor

If you have the room, and the budget, ask your local party rental company about a classic light up dance floor (like the one John Travolta dances on). You can also turn a regular dance floor into something special with fun over head lighting such as strobe or rotating colored lights.


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