Studio 54 Disco Party


A Studio 54 party (or any disco party) is all about the music and the clothes so make sure you have a great DJ and sound system, then give people a chance to show off their style. Here are a few ideas to give your guests a case of “night fever, night fever…”

1.Teach everyone the Saturday Night Fever line dance

Hire a dance instructor to walk guests through the basic steps then put on a show-stopping group performance. Get a head start on the moves with this fun instructional video. Don’t let the bored looking dancers fool you—there’s nothing more fun than doing a line dance on a light-up dance floor!

2. Hire disco roller skaters

roller skater at disco party
Performers can dazzle with their disco skate routines, and then mingle with the crowd to hand out drinks or favors, or sell raffle tickets. Shiny spandex outfits a plus. And not just for the ladies! Contact your local skating rink or roller derby club to find skaters for hire.

3. Take Polaroid photos of guests

polaroid camera for party pictures
Remember how fun those old Polaroid cameras were at parties? Create instant memories with a vintage style camera. Provide photo props such as Afro wigs, sunglasses, and gold chains. Assign a volunteer photographer or allow guests to take their own shots. Post all the fun, and embarrassing, photos in a central area and ask guests to vote for their favorite. New and used Polaroid cameras available from a variety of sites including

4. Have a dance contest

girl dancing at disco party
Encourage guests to show off their disco moves with a dance contest. Set the scene by renting a light-up dance floor, disco ball and fog machine. Check out our music playlists to get the party started. An open bar also helps.

5. Rent a karaoke machine

guests singing karaoke at disco party
Once guests are in the party spirit (possibly with the help of a tequila sunrise or two), turn them loose on the microphone. Who doesn’t want to hear their boss sing “Staying Alive” or Aunt Marge perform “It’s Raining Men”?? Make sure there is video to share at the next staff meeting/family reunion.


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