Studio 54 Disco Party

Women’s Fashion

Here’s your chance to shine! Studio 54 style is all about the bling so dress to impress! Popular club styles included halters, tube tops, one-shoulder looks, mini’s, maxi’s and anything skin tight. And don’t be shy about layering a sequin dress with gold shoes, gold necklace, gold earrings, and a sparkly gold purse.

Disco party fashion for womenBuying Guide
Find the pieces featured above at these online retailers:

Gold hoop earrings: $45 Ÿ• Gold purse: $78 Ÿ• Bronze sequin dress: $357 Ÿ• Silver top: $55 Ÿ• Gold choker necklace: $68 Ÿ• Purple pleated dress: $68

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Men’s Fashion

Let’s be honest, men’s disco fashion is not for the faint hearted. Tight shirts, tight pants, platform shoes, and man jewelry. If you want to take it down a notch, opt for a retro cut suit (or leather jacket) with wide lapels over a bold patterned dress shirt. Either way you’ll be a magnet for the disco ladies.

disco party fashion for menBuying Guide
Find the pieces featured above at these online retailers:

White silk scarf: $36 •Ÿ Gold medallion: $49 Ÿ• Red leather jacket: $179 Ÿ• Red disco shirt: $39 Ÿ• White shoes: $39 Ÿ• Sequin jacket: $35

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