Tiki Island Party

Hawaiian Luau party decor

To set the scene for your Tiki Island Party you’ll want to mix equal parts tropical beach, exotic jungle, and Don Draper Pool Party.

Ideas to Steal

Tiki Gods

Make a bold statement with a life-size Tiki God statue to greet guests as they arrive, arrange several around the room, and place smaller statues on the dining tables. Learn how to create your own Tiki God Centerpiece with our step by step instructions.

Tropical Plants

Bring in as many tropical plants as you can to create a real jungle feel. Bamboo, banana leaf, and coconuts, or tropical flowers such as orchids and birds of paradise all look great and may be available to rent locally.

Retro Beach Accents

For a real retro tiki bar vibe, bring on the Hawaiian prints, raffia, fishing nets, seashells and, of course, tiki torches.

Tiki Bar

Of course the shining star of every Tiki Island Party is the tiki bar. Many rental companies have a variety of tiki bars to rent. You can also buy reasonably priced thatched roof table toppers, or dress up your own bar/folding table with a combination of raffia skirts, bamboo poles and banana leaves.


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