Tiki Island Party


Guests at your Tiki Island Party will be feeling loose from the combination of exotic music, drinks with paper umbrellas, and the freedom to wear sandals and loud Hawaiian shirts. Keep them entertained, and out of their seats, with a few traditional Island activities.

Flaming Drinks

Although this technically falls under “cocktails” it is so entertaining that it really is an activity all it’s own. Step 1: Learn the proper technique (see how-to video above). Step 2: Order a few classic Volcano Tiki Drink Bowls. Step 3: Mix up magical rum concoctions. Step 4: Light on fire and blow guests’ minds.



Hula Dancers

Nothing says Island Party quite like hula dancers. They’ll captivate guests with their pretty grass skirts, flower leis, and seductive hip shaking. You’ll find many hula performers available for hire locally and they usually include audience members in their routines. Fun to watch and great video footage you can use to embarrass your guests later on YouTube.



Limbo Contest

How low can you go in a cute dress and heels? This is a huge crowd pleaser and encourages lots of participation, especially after guests have had a few rum drinks. You can make your own limbo stick and have two volunteers hold it, or buy an official Limbo Pole Set online. Don’t forget a small tiki trophy or medal for the winner.



Conga Line

Save this for when the party starts heating up, and the drinks are flowing. You’ll need someone on the mic (or with a very loud voice) to start the line and direct guests through the party, out the door, around the neighborhood, etc. Hopefully everyone makes it back, but if not, your party will still be legendary.




A roaring bonfire (or large fire pit) really captures the jungle island feel. Guests will naturally gravitate to the fire to chat and lounge. Give them something productive to do by providing roasting sticks and an assortment of foods and treats to roast. Consider setting up a Tropical S’mores Bar with options such as coconut cookies (like our favorite Girl Scout Samoas, mmmm), grilled pineapple and mango slices, bananas and toasted coconut marshmallows. Warning, guests will stay as long as the fire is burning so be prepared for a late night party.