Wild West


Keep your Wild West party jumping with some down home entertainment: ropin’, shootin’, hollerin’, ridin’ and of course dancin’. If it ends in a “g” it ain’t for real cowboys. So sprinkle some hay on the floor and let’s get this shindig started.


roping-girl Lasso Throwing

Set out a rope lasso and a target for guests to test their skills. A simple post will work or you can get creative with a fake bull or calf made out of wood.


Shooting Range

Look for water guns that have an authentic Wild West feel and adequate “fire” power. Create a shooting gallery using tin cans or plastic milk bottles. See who knocks down the most cans in a minute, or set up multiple targets side by side offer a prize to the first person to knock down all cans.



A fun game that’s easy to learn (though hard to play well). Great for all ages but best done away from the crowd since you can bet on a few bad throws. Opt for plastic horseshoes or a “party set” for less risk of injury.



Set up a few wooden tables and chairs, with a few decks of cards. Everyone knows how to play (more or less) so guests can start a game anytime. Print up a few signs for the tables with House Rules like “No spitting, No cheating, No gun fighting.”


western-dancingCountry & Western Dancing

If you want an authentic Old West feel, go with traditional square dancing. You’ll need to hire an instructor who can teach the basic steps and then call them out during the songs. Line dancing is a little more modern and it’s easier to pick up so most people can keep up even after a few whiskey (or sarsaparilla) drinks.
This dance video will give you a head start on the classic “Tush Push” line dance.

mechanical-bull Mechanical Bull

A big-ticket item, obviously. But wow, if you can afford the rental your guests will never forget it. Imagine Ned from Accounting or your aunt Dorothy holding on for dear life. We say, “Money well spent.”